Our Findings

Urban Forestry 2020 (UF2020) involved a multi faceted approach investigating the status of the urban forestry profession in the United States and examining the linkage between recruitment of students into academic programs and careers in urban forestry. The overarching goal was to provide research-based recommendations to the US Forest Service on building capacity for urban forestry practice. Our strategic recommendations and research findings are presented here.

These findings highlight the need for a better defined professional identity that will clarify urban forestry core expertise, and help prepare and recruit students who will lead the urban forestry profession beyond the year 2020. We surveyed professionals about their careers, asked students about their perceptions, analyzed job postings, and surveyed employers to build recommendations for strategic action.

  • Recommendations provide strategic actions to advance the profession by shaping professional identity, clarifying the path for career advancement, and linking the profession with higher education and student recruitment.
  • Study Summaries detail our research findings in four single page documents. These documents can be freely distributed or shared.
  • Data Visualizations are concise, easy-to-read graphics created using our research data to quickly convey our key research findings. These graphics can be used by professionals to communicate with stakeholders and to further enhance discussions and dialogs about advancing the profession of urban forestry.